Dennis Brantner Charged in 1990 Murder of High School Girl

An arrest was made for the 1990 homicide of 18-year-old Berit Beck outside of Kenosha. Fond du Lac Sheriff Mick Fink, who has worked on the case for almost 25 years, arrested and charged 61-year-old Dennis Brantner after his fingerprints were found upon a second evaluation of evidence in the case. Brantner was a truck driver at the time of the homicide and was an original primary suspect.

Further inspection of case evidence resulted in the discovery of Brantner’s fingerprints on a soda cup, employee manual, hair bleach kit, and window of Beck’s van. Brantner is now in custody at Fond du Lac County Jail charged with first-degree-murder. His bail is set at $1 million.

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