Suspects in ‘Slender Man’ attempted murder blame each other

Two suspects in an attempted murder case – both young girls – each told the Waukesha County Circuit Court on February 24 that the other was the initiator in a plan to stab to death a classmate, NBC News reported.

The two girls, who were both 12-years-old at the time of the stabbing in May 2014, were questioned separately mere hours after the 12-year-old girl victim was found alive and with stab wounds in the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha.

The suspects were arrested while walking by the side of the highway near where the victim was found. Both girls told authorities that they were on their way to the Nicolet National Forest in northern Wisconsin, where they allegedly were going to meet up with the Slender Man.

The Slender Man is an Internet meme created by Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen, who goes by the name of Victor Surge online, in 2009. The Slender Man is known for kidnapping and terrorizing people, especially children.

The suspects told authorities that they wanted to kill people who did not believe the Slender Man existed.

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