Zocco gets 19 years in prison over child pornography and drug charges

Forty-year-old Milwaukee resident Kris Zocco was sentenced to 19 years of imprisonment after being convicted of child pornography charges in November 2014 and pleading guilty to drug charges in December of the same year, the Wisconsin Law Journal reported on February 2.

Prosecutors for the case asked the judge for a sentence of nearly 50 years; however, Judge Daniel Konkol he was not charged with homicide, and his sentence should not reflect anything but the case at hand.

Zocco became a person of interest after his girlfriend Kelly Dwyer went missing some time in 2013. Zocco told police investigators that he and Dwyer had bought and used cocaine together in Zocco’s apartment on Oct. 10, 2013, but that he had not seen her since.

Zocco’s legal counsel said his client did not know that child pornography had been stored in his computer when police confiscated the device in relation to the investigation of Dwyer’s disappearance. The defense alleged that Dwyer’s position in information technology meant that his computer was filled with data from other people’s computers.

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