Trial delayed because of crime lab issues

The Star Tribune reported earlier today that a homicide trial was put on hold by a judge due to potentially bad evidence from the Wisconsin Crime Lab.

Leah Jean Waldhart is accused of killing her boyfriend in 2001 and is pleading not guilty to the charges. Today her trial was postponed because Judge Alan White heard from District Attorney Jane Kohlwey that prosecutors discovered issues with evidence that was supposed to be analyzed by the Wisconsin Crime Lab before this point. According to Kohlwey, some fingerprint evidence is being held by the lab in order to review an investigator’s work. Also, some DNA evidence has yet to be tested.

Waldhart’s trial was supposed to begin Feb. 2, and Judge White expressed his disappointment with the Crime Lab’s delays. He said the delay was “totally inexcusable,” considering the high stakes at hand, for both the defendant and the victim’s family.

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