Brother of domestic violence victim found guilty of killing her abuser

Twenty-two-year-old Milwaukee resident Dominique Wilder was declared guilty of first-degree reckless homicide by a jury on November 6 for his role in the death of his sister’s abusive boyfriend, the Journal Sentinel reported.

According to the case’s prosecutors, Wilder and his younger brother went on a hunting spree to find 25-year-old Erick Perry four days after Perry allegedly hurt their sister–not for the first time. They allegedly spotted Perry driving a car along N. 20th Street on Oct. 1, 2013, and Wilder fired three shots at him, one of which hit and killed Perry.

Wilder’s defense attorneys said Perry’s witnesses were not credible, especially Wilder’s ex-girlfriend, who told the jury Wilder revealed his plan to murder Perry to her. Wilder was acquitted, however, of gun possession charges.

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