What are the penalties for a theft conviction?

It is difficult to know what the specific punishment for a conviction would be without knowing what exactly you have been charged with and your specific situation. The penalties for a theft conviction can vary in the state of Wisconsin, but any of them have the potential to significantly disrupt your day-to-day routine or your financial stability.

Depending on which form of theft you are charged with, you could face numerous penalties upon conviction. Most often, convicted defendants are required to pay damages for the property stolen, and may also have to serve a certain amount of time in state jail or federal prison, if the conviction is serious enough. Underneath the blanket term of “theft,” there are many crimes, including shoplifting, burglary, identity theft, auto theft, embezzlement, possession of stolen property, and armed robbery. The sentencing will also likely consider any previous convictions on your record.

The best way to know what penalties you’re up against is to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney. The criminal defense team at Hart Powell, S.C., believe that everyone has the right to a fair trial, and they can help Milwaukee defendants fight against theft charges and conviction. Call our offices at (414) 271-9595 today to learn more.