Additional mental exam for 12-year-old girl stabbing case suspect halted

Waukesha County Judge Michael Bohren reversed his previous order of a mental examination for one of the two 12-year-old stabbing suspects from Wisconsin who stabbed another 12-year-old girl, NBC Chicago reported on July 9.

The criminal complaint against the suspects alleges that the girls lured their friend to a park west of Milwaukee on May 31 and stabbed her 19 times to please an internet character called the Slender Man. The victim survived, and the two suspects are facing charges of attempted intentional homicide.

In a hearing last week, Bohren granted prosecutor Susan Opper’s request to have the suspect undergo a mental examination to determine the girl’s state of mind during the stabbing incident on May 31 amid protests by defense attorney Anthony Cotton. Cotton argued that this would not be right because the girl has not yet decided to plead insanity. If she chooses to, then a mental exam of this nature would be appropriate. The results of her exam otherwise would violate the suspect’s right to remain silent.

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