Shootings in Milwaukee on Tuesday, January 28

Three different shootings occurred in Milwaukee on Tuesday, January 28. In one, 21-year-old Ikeem Cantrell was shot near West Leon Terrace Road in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The man, whom police authorities consider a suspect, is reportedly being treated at and confined to Froedtert Hospital and was listed under critical condition.

According to investigators, Cantrell’s victim managed to overpower Cantrell, who has had a lengthy criminal history involving armed robbery and illegal possession of firearms, and shot him multiple times.

A second shooting incident happened in the basement of a home near Locust and N. 28th Street. Reports state that five teenagers were playing with a shotgun, when it went off, causing them to sustain minor injuries to the legs. Investigations are still being conducted to determine how the five were able to get the handgun, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said.

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