Conviction of man who killed girlfriend with ice pick in Wisconsin upheld

A three-judge panel of the District 1 Court of Appeals in Wisconsin said in a ruling made on Tuesday, January 14 that 66-year-old Milwaukee resident Eddie Lee Anthony was properly convicted for killing his 43-year-old girlfriend, Sabrina Junior, back in 2010 with an ice pick, thus declining his pleas to let him testify that the killing was done in self-defense.

Anthony is serving life imprisonment for the death of Junior.

Court records showed that the pair’s 11-year-old daughter was hiding in a closet with two other children when she saw Anthony follow Junior into their bedroom holding a 10-inch ice pick, which Anthony then used to repeatedly stab Junior 45 times.

The daughter said then that after her mother stopped screaming she saw her father packing clothes into a bag and leaving their house.

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