Judge moves Black River Falls murder case forward

Judge Thomas Lister ruled in a two-hour hearing on Thursday, December 12 that there was enough evidence to continue trying 37-year-old Milwaukee, Wisconsin resident Michael Harmon for homicide. Harmon allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend, 34-year-old Angela Nelson, last summer in Black River Falls.

Harmon, whose dad was a police officer for 34 years, told law enforcement agents that he and Nelson fought verbally and physically before grappling with one another over a 9-millimeter handgun. The handgun then went off, shooting Nelson in the head.

However, former state Division of Criminal Investigation agent and current investigator for the Black River Falls police John Christophersen said the shot that struck Nelson in the head must have been fired from more than 3 or 4 feet away, noting that “based on conversations with Mr. Harmon and Dr. (Vincent) Trankita (Dane County medical examiner), that the gun could not have discharged at the distance that Mr. Harmon is claiming it did.”

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