Kohler & Hart Represent Appleton Man Accused of Fraud by SEC

An Appleton-area businessman has been accused by the SEC of running a scheme to defraud investors of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and Martin Kohler and Michael Hart of Hart Powell, S.C., have taken up his defense. Robert Narvett, 48, is the owner of Shield Management Group, a recruiting agency that specializes in professionals in the fields of marketing and sales. According to the SEC’s allegations, Mr. Narvett pursued investors in Shield, for which he promised a 20% return, but instead used the money for personal purposes.

However, as of yet, it isn’t even clear whether any of the investors have lost money on their investments, and at least $242,000 in total payments have been made to investors so far. Michael Hart has definitively stated that the allegations are simply untrue, and that the truth “will come out in the wash.”

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