Man charged for killing woman in park, placed in mental facility

Dane County Circuit Judge Sarah O’ Brien found 33-year-old James N. Donegan, who stabbed and choked 35-year-old Milwaukee resident Teresa Boone in Kilbourn Reservoir Park last year, not guilty of intentional homicide by reason of mental disease or defect and had him put in a mental health facility Monday, June 3.

During the hearing, forensic psychiatrist Brad Smith said the suspect believed Boone was a hired gun trying to kill him and, thus, killing her was an act of self-defense. Defense lawyer Neil C. McGinn asked the judge to find the defendant guilty by reason of insanity.

Last month, Donegan pleaded no contest to the homicide charge and had a robbery charge against him dropped as part of the plea bargain agreement.

Donegan had already been committed to a mental facility in 2005 as a result of threatening the lives of his brother and two-year-old nephew.

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