LexisNexis accused of infringement, copying logo

An infringement suit has been filed against Lexis Nexis by the Wisconsin State Bar.

LexisNexis operates a website that provides the public with information on lawyers and the law in general called Lawyers.com. The website uses an online logo which the State Bar believes looks almost identical to their pillars logo. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the lawsuit has been filed due to concern that the similarities between the two logos could cause users of the website to believe the website is somehow connected to the state bar.

In order to end the possible misleading that comes with the use of such similar logos, LexisNexis has been asked to change the website’s logo. The company, however, has refused to change the logo, prompting the bar to screen for conflicting logos and then register its pillars icon.

Interestingly, Lawyers.com has actually previously posted an article discussing the negativity of trademark infringement to its site.

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