Police Officer Shoots Suspect During Struggle

A man is in critical condition after he “violently resisted arrest” and a Milwaukee police officer shot him Saturday afternoon.

According to officials with the Milwaukee Police Department, an officer on patrol saw the suspect coming over the top of a fence at United Milwaukee Scrap with a large suitcase in his hand, shortly after 1:40 p.m. The officer followed the suspect and attempted to question him. As the officer escorted to suspect o his squad car, the suspect began to resist, tearing the officer’s badge and radio microphone from his shirt and wrestling him to the ground.

The suspect ran between two houses and the officer ran after him, again attempting to arrest him.
“During a violent struggle, the officer believed he was about to be rendered unconscious, and fearing for his life, drew his service weapon and discharged it, striking the suspect,” police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said in a news release.

The suspect is in critical condition at a Milwaukee hospital. He is 42 years-old and had an extensive criminal arrest history on accusations of drug offenses, battery, theft, domestic violence, resisting arrest, escape, criminal damage to property, and burglary.

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