Milwaukee Man Facing 5th OWI

A Milwaukee man is facing his fifth OWI charge following an arrest Tuesday.

According to officials with the Wisconsin State Patrol, 31 year-old Joel Bieszk was traveling 105 miles per hour on his motorcycle when he was stopped by police on Interstate 94 Wednesday night. Following a roadside sobriety test that he failed, Bieszk was handcuffed and put in a squad car.

Dash cam video shows Bieszk asking the trooper to let him off with a warning. “I’m just asking for a break,” Bieszk said. “I’ve never had one my whole life. All I hear about is people getting breaks. I’ve never gotten one.”

The trooper is heard to tell Bieszk that he doesn’t “know of an officer around that would give you a break for a fifth offense OWI.”

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