Feds Investigate Milwaukee Officer Accused of Sexual Assault

Federal authorities have launched a criminal investigation against a former Milwaukee police officer accused of sexually assaulting a woman in July.

Former officer Ladmarald Cates admitted to internal affairs investigators that he had sex with a woman after he responded to her 911 call last year. The woman had called police because teenagers were trying to kick in the door of her north side home, according to police records. Police Chief Edward Flynn fired Cates, who gave conflicting stories to department officials. Flynn said Cates was officially fired for lying and for “idling and loafing,” because having sex on duty is against department policy.

According to the woman’s attorney, Robin Shellow, she called 911 for help, but when police arrived she was victimized repeatedly, sexually assaulted, mistreated by backup officers, and then jailed on trumped-up charges when she refused to remain silent. The woman said numerous officers accused her of lying when she begged for help and asked to be taken to the hospital.

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