Police Officer Arrested for Drug Possession

A former Platteville police officer who is facing a federal drug charge for allegedly smoking crack cocaine while on duty has been arrested after police found crack, heroin, and a kit for defeating drug tests were found in her car.

According to officials with the Milwaukee Police Department, 29 year-old Muskego resident Michelle V. Salentine, who was charged with keeping a drug house after her April arrest, was arrested again on October 4. Police discovered Salentine and her brother Michael arguing in a car. A search of the vehicle uncovered five crack pipes, a marijuana pipe, a syringe, 1.6 grams of crack cocaine, one-third of a gram of heroin, and 1.21 grams of marijuana. Police also found a kit in the trunk of the car that was designed to help a woman skew results of a drug test.

Salentine told police that the drugs and paraphernalia belonged to her brother, who declined to talk with police about the items. Both Salentine and her brother are being held in Milwaukee County Jail. She resigned from the Platteville Police Department following her arrest.

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