Sheriff’s Deputy Accused of Attending Firearms Training While Drunk

A Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputy was arrested Monday and accused of attending firearms training while intoxicated.

Officials say a 35 year-old deputy, who is a member of the tactical enforcement unit, showed up at firearms training with alcohol on his breath. The firearms instructor reportedly noticed alcohol on his breath after the deputy seemed to have trouble on the gun range. A Breathalyzer test revealed the man’s blood alcohol content to be 0.07 percent, nearly an hour into the training.

The deputy was arrested for operating while intoxicated and using a firearm while intoxicated.

The Sheriff’s Department has refused to release more information regarding the arrest. “We’re still putting that case together, and I have to consult with corporation counsel, because there are some internal investigation issues, there’s some legal requirements that are necessary, and I want to make sure that the corporation lawyers take a look at what we want to release before we do it, ” said Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

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