2 Milwaukee Police Officers Accused of Helping Drug Suspect

Two Milwaukee police officers are facing federal charges after being accused of helping a drug dealer who turned informant.

According to officials with the Milwaukee District Attorney’s Office, prosecutors started investigating the officers after a drug suspect turned on them and agreed to wear a wire. Prosecutors said a north side nightclub called Onyx was the link between the informant and the two officers, Sgt. Rocye Lockett and Officer Paul Hill.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said Lockett and Hill had good reputations in the force. “The sad thing for me is,” Flynn said, “both of these officers are generally well thought of and so it’s doubly disappointing that these aren’t necessarily individuals that people were inherently suspicious of.”

Flynn said the department will continue to cooperate with the federal investigators, who question why police officers are allowed to patronize a nightclub with links to narcotics trafficking.

“I can’t ban people from legally licensed premises, and the fact of the matter is, Onyx is licensed,” Flynn said.

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