Robbery, chase, manhunt all ends in four arrests

Four men have been arrested on charges of armed robbery in Franklin, Wis.

The four men, ages being between 23 to 32 years old, allegedly held up a couple at the Plaza Motel with a shotgun. The incident was reported around 1 a.m. while in progress by the motel staff. After this robbery, the four suspects fled the scene in a minivan when police approached. Police found the minivan thanks in part to the motel owner’s description of the get-away vehicle, which, after a chase, led to the arrest of three of the four men. A manhunt ensued after the last man escaped custody. Over night, the police received calls from residents that someone was attempting to break into their houses. These calls stopped when police cornered the individual in a local house and arrested him.

Three of the men are from Milwaukee, while a fourth claims Illinois residence.

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