Police make big summer arrests

Milwaukee police increased patrols around the lakefront, County Parks, and county highways, resulting in increased citations and arrests.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department announced 35 arrests and 682 citations in the weekend effort to make the Memorial Day weekend safer. 13 people were arrested in parks, while 22 were arrested on the freeways for drunk driving. The string of arrests and increased police presence marks the fifth year of more frequent patrols.

The police have noted that they will specifically assign officers to the lakefront area who will work in those patrols over the remainder of the summer. Increased police patrols are expected to extend beyond just the lakefront region, however. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department has begun divide patrol efforts in parks into larger zones, allowing for more police attention to recreational areas.

Many were glad to see the increased presence of the authorities, adding that the additional feeling of safety helped them relax while out at the lake beaches and parks.

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