Woman Charged with Running from Police and Other Charges

A woman , who is 33 years-old, was recently charged with 3 counts from an incident that took place on October 16th.  The charges that the woman faces include  attempting to flee an officer, criminal property damage, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

It all started when the woman  attempted to get into a plane at a Waukesha County airport.  The woman was unable to and then fled the scene, going in the grass.  Police were then called and began chasing the woman.  Speeds were over 90 miles per hour at some points. The woman then attempted to gain access to the Timmerman Field airport, which is located in Milwaukee.  

At Timmerman Field,  police were able to box the woman into her car with their vehicles.  The woman then attempted to flee on foot, but police were able to quickly apprehend her. 

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