Some University of Wisconsin Students Experience Harassment

An 87-question assessment of tolerance and general climate on University of Wisconsin campuses has found that even though most students feel comfortable, a significant number have been harassed because of their sexual orientation, gender, race, or ethnicity.  Although a self-selected sample of 13,469 students took the survey, university officials still feel that it gives some insight into the tolerance climate across the campuses.

The survey was given to a set of the University of Wisconsin campuses, with the other campuses to offer the survey later.  From all of the first-batch of campuses that took the survey, 72% to 87% felt comfortable of on campus.  Moreover, 287 females, or 2.1% of the survery takers, said that they had been sexually assaulted.  Most of them had not reported the assault to authorities.
Harassment and intimidation are criminal offenses. 

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