Prostitution Ring Trial Begins in Brooklyn

The trial of 4 foot 10, 59 year old Consuelo Carreto Valencia began in Brooklyn on July 22, about a year after Valencia was extradited from Mexico. She is accused of running a prostitution ring along with her sons, nephews and a daughter-in-law, lying to young Mexican women and coercing them to move to New York to work in brothels. Valencia allegedly kept nearly all of the money earned by these women, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars from their exploitation.

Valencia maintains her innocence, claiming that all of these charges have been fabricated by the mother of one of the prostitutes, who is supposedly acting on a personal grudge. Two of Valencia’s sons, Josue Flores Carreto and Gerardo Flores Carreto have already plead guilty to human trafficking, earning them 50 years in prison.

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