Sex Crimes Involving a Child

As we at Hart Powell, S.C. are aware, criminal actions of a sexual nature are pursued vehemently in Milwaukee, especially if those actions involve a child. According to Wisconsin law, there are numerous criminal offenses that fall under this category. Unfortunately for any person facing charges of a sex crime involving a child, the legal penalties he or she could face if convicted are often extensive and life-altering, ranging from being labeled as a sexual predator to thousands of dollars in fines to decades in prison and more. However, everyone charged with such a crime has the right to defend themselves in a court of law.

Different Charges of Sex Crime with a Child

The state of Wisconsin has explicit rules and regulations regarding sex crimes with a child, and has several different designations for these types of crimes, including:

  • Sexual Assault of a Child
  • Sexual Intercourse with a Child 16 or older
  • Sexual Assault of a Student by a School Instructor
  • Sexual Exploitation of a Child (Child Pornography)
  • Forced Viewing or Listening to Sexual Activity
  • Incest with a Child
  • Child Enticement
  • Soliciting a Child for Prostitution
  • Indecent Exposure

Depending on any previous offenses, the nature of the current charge, and other factors, a person convicted of any of these types of sex crimes with a child could face significant consequences. As such, having an aggressive and skilled defense attorney can be critical to preserving your rights and freedoms.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in Milwaukee

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